About The Genie

Christine Duffy

Presentation Genie is a small design studio, based in Dublin, Ireland. When I say small design studio, let’s be honest I mean me – Chrissie (The Genie). 

I have a genuine passion for Presentation Design and I’m not afraid to say that ‘I LOVE PowerPoint’. It gets a bad rep and my mission is to change people’s perception of it.

Before setting up Presentation Genie in 2018, I worked as a Slide Designer for 18 years in one of Irelands largest advertising agencies. Based mainly in the New Business Department where pitching was what we did on most days, of most weeks, of most years! 

Before focussing on presentation design, I was an Operations Manager & Executive Assistant and we all know how organised EA’s need to be.  So time management and efficiency are my thing. I’m a creative, hard-working professional and take great pride in the work that I do. 

I will work closely with you on each project ensuring I gain a clear understanding of you, your business and the project in hand. 

If you’re ready to make a positive change to your presentations, please do get in touch.


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